Josh, also known as Mr Kandee a name which was given by his social media followers, fell in love with shoes more specifically heels at a very young age.
Having watched Cinderella this opened his eyes to the power of a shoe so he decided he would make heels for his family. This involved Lego’s and a sock! Yes Josh actually designed the first sock boot so take that Balenciaga! At the age of six years old josh designed a six-inch block heel that he placed in a sock and tried to walk on them…this is where he learned pain is beauty!
Eventually Josh moved on to plastic dress up costume shoes which his parents happily purchased for him and he got to designing. Over time he would alter his grandmothers’ vintage boots and his love for heels only grew.
Josh left school at fifteenwithout any qualifications after his headmistress told his parents that he was wasting his time in school as he was too creative.
At the age of 19 Josh launched Kandee with only eight styles from the Created in Candyland collection and since then the brand has been worn by everyone from Chiara Ferragni from the Blond salad to billionaire business woman Kylie Jenner who called her Kandee shoes …Siiicckkk on Instagram!
Josh is proof that if you have a dream and stick to it in both the good and the hard times you can make that dream happen!
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